AUSTIN – The Republican Party of Texas would like to thank members of the House of Representatives for taking steps towards enacting another plank of the RPT platform. Plank 70 calls for the Republican members to vote as a unified body for their selected House Speaker candidate when the legislature convenes in regular session. The Republican Caucus of the Texas House of Representatives has called a meeting of its members in order to determine the process by which the Speaker of the House will be selected next legislative session.

In speaking to the Texas Monitor earlier this week, RPT Chairman James Dickey discussed the procedure, stating: “The Republican Party of Texas does have a plank that the members of the House Republican Caucus choose the Speaker within the caucus before then going on to the floor vote. The Republican Caucus having a meeting to decide the rules under which they would do such a vote seems like a perfectly appropriate and necessary step towards doing what the platform asks to be done.

“The delegates to the convention specified the process they wanted to be followed, so our only objective is that the requested process be followed.”

To the representatives who requested a meeting, to Republican Caucus Chair Tan Parker for following procedure in calling the meeting, and to the members who will attend to ensure its success: thank you, and we encourage you to keep working to enact the process requested by the delegates.