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Strategic Texas Activist Team

Click Here for more information about the RPT Platform planks and RPT lege priorities for the upcoming Special Session

With the upcoming special session being less than a month away, we have a real opportunity to make our voices heard by our state legislators. We are building up a team of STAT Deputies, “Strategic Texas Activist Team,” or “S.T.A.T.,” to engage the legislature during the special session. As each item comes up for consideration during the special session, we will contact you with unique action items to make our voices heard and help advance the RPT Platform & legislative priorities. Alternatively, if some of these issues are not taken up for consideration during special session, we still intend to utilize our S.T.A.T. Deputies in an effort to let our elected officials know that we still wish for these items to be considered. Of the following options below, please select which issues you’d be interested in working on in the upcoming special session:

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