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Republican Candidate Replies

In September, the State Republican Executive Committee passed a resolution stating that the Republican Party of Texas expects Republican House candidates in 2018 to indicate to Republican Primary voters whether they will support the Republican Speaker candidate who wins the majority of the votes in the Republican Caucus.

To facilitate this, we developed the Speaker Selection Form.

Candidates who filed at RPT headquarters should have received a copy of that form in their candidate packet. Any candidate who has not yet received the form may download it at the above link and return it as directed on the form.

According to rule No. 43 of the Republican Party Platform, each candidate running for office as a Republican on any ballot shall be provided with a copy of the Platform as well as a review of which items the candidate agrees. Those Candidate Platform Reviews are available here.

Here is a list of the House candidates who have already publicly committed to supporting the Speaker candidate chosen by the Republican Caucus.

1Gary Van Deaver
2Bryan SlatonYes
2Dan FlynnYes
3Cecil Bell Jr.Yes
4Ashley McKeeYes
4Keith BellYes
4Stuart SpitzerYes
4Earl Brunner
5Cole HefnerYes
6Matt SchaeferYes
6Ted KamelYes
7Jay Dean
8Cody HarrisYes
8Linda TimmermanYes
8Thomas McNuttYes
9Garrett BoersmaYes
9Chris Paddie
10John Wray
11Danny WardYes
11Travis Clardy
12Kyle Kacal
13Ben LemanYes
13Daniel McCarthyYes
13David K. StallYes
13Jill WolfskillYes
13Marc S. YoungYes
14Jeston TexeiraYes
14Sarah LaninghamYes
14John RaneyYes
14Rick Davis
15Steve TothYes
15Jackie WatersYes
16Will MetcalfYes
17John P. Cyrier
18Emily CookYes
18Ernest Bailes
19James WhiteYes
20Terry M. WilsonYes
21Dade Phelan
23Mayes MiddletonYes
23Wayne FairclothYes
24Greg Bonnen
25Damon RamboYes
25Dennis Bonnen
26D.F. "Rick" MillerYes
28John Zerwas
29Ed ThompsonYes
30Geanie W. MorrisonYes
32Todd HunterYes
33Justin HollandYes
34Chris HaleYes
42Luis De La Garza
43J.M. LozanoYes
44John Kuempel
45Amber PearceYes
45Amy AkersYes
45Austin TalleyYes
45Ken StrangeYes
45Naomi NaravizYes
46Gabriel NilaYes
47Jay WileyYes
47Patricia VredeveltYes
47Paul D. WorkmanYes
49Kyle AustinYes
52Christopher L. WardYes
52Cynthia FloresYes
52Jeremy StoryYes
53Andrew S. MurrYes
54Brad BuckleyYes
54Larry S. SmithYes
54Scott CosperYes
55Brandon HallYes
55CJ GrishamYes
55Hugh D. ShineYes
56Charles "Doc" AndersonYes
57Trent Ashby
58DeWayne BurnsYes
59Chris EvansYes
59J.D. SheffiledYes
60Mike LangYes
60Gregory Risse
60Jim Largent
61Phil KingYes
62Brent LawsonYes
62Kevin CouchYes
62Reggie SmithYes
63Tan ParkerYes
64Lynn StuckyYes
64Mark RoyYes
65Kevin SimmonsYes
65Ron SimmonsYes
66Matt ShaheenYes
67Jeff LeachYes
68Drew SpringerYes
69James FrankYes
70Scott SanfordYes
71Stan Lambert
72Lynette LucasYes
72Drew Darby
73Dave CampbellYes
73Kyle BiedermannYes
78Jeffrey Lane
81Brooks Landgraf
82Tom CraddickYes
83Dustin BurrowsYes
84John FrulloYes
85Phil StephensonYes
86John SmitheeYes
87Drew BrassfieldYes
87Four PriceYes
88Jason HuddlestonYes
88Richard BeyeaYes
88Ken King
89Candy NobleYes
89John PaytonYes
91Stephanie KlickYes
92Jonathan SticklandYes
93Matt KrauseYes
94Tony TinderholtYes
95Stephen A. West
96Bill ZedlerYes
97Craig GoldmanYes
98Armin MizaniYes
98Giovanni CapriglioneYes
99Bo FrenchYes
99Charlie Geren
102Chad CarnahanYes
102Scott KilgoreYes
102Linda Koop
103Jerry Fortenberry
105Dinesh Mali
105Rodney Anderson
106Clint BedsoleYes
106Jared PattersonYes
107Deanna Maria MetzgerYes
107Brad Perry
107Joe Ruzicka
108Morgan Meyer
112Angie Chen ButtonYes
113Jonathan BoosYes
113Charlie LauersdorfYes
113Jim PhaupYes
114Lisa Luby RyanYes
114Jason Villalba
115Matt RinaldiYes
116Fernando PadronYes
117Carlos Antonio RaymondYes
117Michael BerlangaYes
118John LujanYes
120Ronald PayneYes
121Adrian SpearsYes
121Matt BeebeYes
121Carlton SoulesYes
121Charlotte WilliamsonYes
121Marc K. WhyteYes
121Steve Allison
122Chris FailsYes
122Lyle Larson
124Johnny S. Arredondo
126E. Sam HarlessYes
126Gail StanartYes
126Kevin FultonYes
127Dan HubertyYes
127Reginald C. Grant Jr.Yes
128Briscoe CainYes
129Dennis PaulYes
130Tom OliversonYes
131Syed S. Ali
132Mike Schofield
133Jim MurphyYes
134Susanna DokupilYes
134Sarah Davis
135Gary ElkinsYes
136Tony DaleYes
138Dwayne BohacYes
144Gilbert PeñaYes
144Ruben Villarreal
147Thomas WangYes
148Ryan T. McConnico
150Valoree SwansonYes
150James Richard Wilson

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