Two Weeks Until Early Voting

TWO WEEKS until Early Voting begins and Texas voters cast the first ballots for Republicans across the Lone Star state!

That also means that we are within days of beginning our statewide blockwalking program. The first of our targeted blockwalking dates is October 16-17, so don’t stop your recruiting efforts! Subsequent blockwalks will continue throughout early voting and the weekend before the election on October 23-24 and 30-31 as the Trailblazer volunteer network coordinates activities with our county parties and candidates. Remember that you can still sign up yourself, or your friends and family for the Texas Trailblazers and our statewide blockwalking program. Youth volunteers can also sign up through for the Young Guns at the website.

Make no mistake – this environment is rich for many of our candidates who are running extremely competitive races against Democrat incumbents. Help support them! Put principles into action and join with thousands of other Republicans to sign up as a volunteer blockwalker today!

Help Promote Our GOP Candidates During National Night Out

National Night Out is tomorrow, Tuesday, October 5th, and we echo the sentiments of many Republican elected officials in urging Texans to participate in this event.

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn stated, “On National Night Out, Texans across our state will gather in citywide and neighborhood events to generate support for anti-crime programs, strengthen citizen partnerships with law enforcement agencies, and put criminals on notice that we are fighting back to keep our communities safe.

“There is no more effective tool against crime than a community that is united against it. I encourage all Texans to take part in this worthy effort to support our men and women in law enforcement and make Texas communities safer for our children.”

Remember to take this opportunity to encourage your neighbors to get out and vote in this important November election! For your convenience, we have prepared a simple Republican Slate Card, that you can print out at home in either color or black & white (PDF files). The card contains a list of Republican statewide candidates and spots for you to fill in your own local races for U.S. Congress, State Senate and State Representative.

Our best Get Out The Vote campaign comes through you! Take advantage of the beautiful weather and participate in National Night Out tomorrow!

Youth Outreach Update

It’s been a busy past few weeks for RPT Youth Outreach Director Austen Bailey since he announced the launch of the New Texas Forum. Well, the Forum has arrived! Austen has been compiling writers and articles from across the state and the finished product will go out this week for the initial rollout on UT campus. “The New Texas Forum will be an answer to the Daily Texan, the Burnt Orange Report, and other liberal media in Austin and across our state,” Bailey said. “It’s time for young conservatives to stand up and speak out for limited government, lower spending and increased personal liberty, and the Forum is just the vehicle to accomplish it.”

In addition to the print version, the online portion went live Friday afternoon and is available at and will be updated daily by our dedicated team of student writers, as well as syndicated columns from elected officials and respected political pundits. Keep checking back for updates and catch what’s going on with the Forum!

Also, Austen is still looking for students and young people between the ages of 18-30 to get involved with our “Young Guns” youth volunteer program. The Young Guns is a specific volunteer group designed to bring young people together to help elect Republicans this November by blockwalking, phonebanking, and talking to your peers. Students, if you would like to get involved, or parents, if you have a young person who would like to help out the conservative cause and keep Texas red, email Austen at or go to our volunteer page and designate that you would like to be a part of the “Young Guns!”