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Accounting Director

The Accounting Director’s job is to ensure that our employees are taken care of, including pay and benefits, and to serve as the point of contact for RPT staff with administrative issues. This role provides quick resolution so our team can focus on their mission at hand.


Lisa Hendrickson
Chief of Staff
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The Chief of Staff serves as a trusted advisor to the Chairman, working on special projects and daily tasks designated by the Chairman. Coordinates with key personnel, business, and civic leaders around the state on strategic initiatives and high profile projects. Reviews internal and external communication plans for opportunities for the Chairman and RPT to pursue, thereby, further developing and protecting the brand and safeguarding relationships throughout the state. Works closely with COO, Political Director, fundraising personnel, state, and federal elected officials. Acts a liaison between the Chairman and consultants/political operatives. Maintains open communication with current IG on mediating disputes, solving problems, and facilitates feedback to Chairman on all current and potential issues.

Kyle Whatley
Chief Operating Officer
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As Chief Operating Officer, Kyle works with the Chairman to organize and supervise the exceptional staff of the RPT. He is charged with developing a budget and ensuring that there are processes in place to execute the mission of the Republican Party of Texas. Kyle manages the relationships with the party’s outside consultants and plans for the State Convention.

Stacey Smith
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Staff Assistant

Answer phones and maintain our main email account.  Hire and onboard interns in the office to assist other staff and departments. Assist other staff in the office with different tasks as their workload demands extra help.


Luke Twombly
Press Secretary
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Communications Director – manages media appearances, coordinates press releases, and works to develop messaging for the Republican Party of Texas.

Marie Stroughter
Digital Communications Director
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As Digital Director, Marie creates and executes strategy to communicate Chairman West’s voice and the RPT vision and brand on social media. She oversees the RPT website and all metrics related to digital communications and their growth. Marie acts as a liaison between digital and traditional media, ensuring media hits are communicated on the appropriate social media platforms.

Marie is the liaison between Convergence Media and Party leadership to ensure fundraising emails, Facebook advertisements, and email acquisition campaigns are being approved and published in a timely manner. She manages Party social media accounts to leverage messaging. 


Rachel Wilson
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Rachel is the Finance Director for Texas Victory and Texas GOP. Rachel oversees all components of the finance operations.

Party Organization and Primary Election Administration

Brandon Moore
Organization Director
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As Organization Director, Brandon works with all of the Republican County Chairs throughout the state to ensure they have the tools, resources, and support to help conduct the elections across the state and to help organize their Executive Committees. As the Primary Elections Administrator, he also helps supervise the conduct of the Primary with the help of the Assistant Primary Administrators, other volunteers, staff, interns, and Party & Primary Counsel. Brandon works with the Operations Director, and others to help with convention training & resources, and to help organize the quarterly SREC meetings & activities.

Jen Hall
Assistant Primary Administrator
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Assistant Primary Administrator


Mitch Carney
Political Director for RPT / Executive Director for the Volunteer Engagement Project
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Executive Director will be responsible for:

  • Executive Director will have the primary responsibility of overseeing the day to day administrative functions of the RPT-VEP
  • Reporting to and working closely with the Board of Directors and the Senior Advisor to seek their involvement in decisions
  • Increasing the overall visibility of the organization
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with party auxiliaries
  • Establishing employment and administrative policies and procedures for all functions and for the day-to-day operation
  • Primary responsibility for drafting the monthly budget
  • Overseeing over approval of staff reimbursements
  • Overseeing and directing administrative Staff in Austin.

Data Director

  • The Data Department is a resource for State and/or Regional entities including county parties, field staff, campaigns and other similar groups. Responsibilities include voter file/database management, daily tracking of metrics, training of staff and state leaders, and data collection including Absentee/Early Vote data and vote history. Additionally, the Data Director must familiarize themselves with state voting laws and historic election results and trends – which includes early/absentee and Election Day turnout and voter registration. The Data Director must also manage the daily volunteer/staff voter contact universes and surveys, including door-to-door and phone banking.

Alexander Fulton
Deputy Executive Director – Volunteer Engagement Project
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Deputy Executive Director will be responsible for:

  • Has the Primary responsible for overseeing and coordinating regional directors and field staff.
  • Communicating organization goals and operational plans to all levels of the project
  • Assist with strategic planning and coordination of programs, projects, and policy positions
  • Ensuring the alignment of strategy, planning, and management of the organization, including the implementation of the work plan in accordance with the project mission
  • Monitoring the overall performance management and quality assurance across the project
  • Providing regular inputs and recommendations to ensure project effective implementation and continuous improvement
  • Ensuring effective collaboration and strategic partnership with auxiliaries/state campaigns across the state

Executive Assistant – Volunteer Engagement Project

  • Assists the Senior Advisor and the executive director with the RPT-VEP newsletter
  • Responds to telephone inquiries that the RPT-VEP receives
  • Responds to any correspondence that the RPT-VEP receives
  • Oversees the processing with staff paperwork and reimbursements
  • Arranges staff travel
  • The Administrative Aid/ Deputy Communications Director will spend at least 75% of her time with the duties listed above
  • The administrative aid will spend no more than 25% over her time assisting the Volunteer coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator’s purpose is to make sure all the volunteers on the RPT VEP’s 10K 4 10R program have all they need to help us register Texans to vote. Tasks are to help recruit volunteers, contact/assist them, create/update the 10K 4 10R packets to send (either by mail or electronically), assist the Executive Assistant, and our Regional Directors and Regional Deputy Directors.

Troy B. Jackson, Ph.D
North Texas Regional Director
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  • Directly manage, coach, and train a team of field organizers and Patriot Advocates (Volunteers) in the Region
  • Organize at the “grasstops” level, building political leads and early Neighborhood Team prospects
  • Implement and execute a robust outreach plan and data-driven field plan encompassing voter contact, volunteer recruitment, grassroots development, and local candidate recruitment, Organizing events for strategic purposes
  • In cooperation with the Data and Political Director, utilizes rigorous standards for data collection and use within the NGP/VAN platform
  • Promote leadership at every level of the campaign, with an eye towards building sustainable and permanent grassroots activism
  • Help create a professional staff culture that is upbeat and empowering, with a mind towards greater inclusion, a customer-service attitude, and willingness to solve problems creatively
  • Grow our network of supporters and volunteers through various tactics, including 1:1 meetings, phone calls, emails, teams, and texting
  • Develop and maintain strong, trusting relationships with local party leaders and activist groups
  • Coach, train, and mentor regional field organizers and new Regional Field Directors on effective staff management, effective campaign strategies including, but not limited to, recruitment, door-to-door canvassing, and other necessary field tactics.

Field Staff/ Regional Director/Deputy Regional Director
All field staff will be responsible for:

  • Building a base of active, impact-driven volunteers in their respective regions
  • Training volunteers to participate in region/state field efforts
  • Developing and maintaining close relationships with volunteers in order to build up the base of the state party as a whole
  • Maintaining an up to date database of volunteer information, availability, and skills
  • Group facilitation including guiding large groups of volunteers through strategic planning processes
  • Responsible for writing weekly reports sent to Senior Staff

Rosalba A. Martinez
Bexar County Regional Director
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West TX Regional Director

Central TX Regional Director

Fort Bend County Regional Director

Houston Regional Director

Detrese Harkey
East TX Regional Director
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Central TX Regional Director

South Texas Regional Director


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