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RPT Accounting Assistant Position

The Accounting Department of the Republican Party of Texas is looking for part-time assistance with processing donations and accounts payable. Duties include database management so computer skills are a must and Microsoft Excel proficiency is strongly desired.

Duties include but are not limited to…

  • Processing accounting mail
  • Assisting with the creation and management of Purchase orders
  • Filing
  • Inputting data
  • Spreadsheet creation and imports

* A/P

  • Create purchase order from information provided by staff requesting a PO.
  • Research correct fund to be used for payment.
  • Create/setup new vendors in MAS90.
  • Code each PO request to include Vendor number, fund and general ledger account.
  • Review invoices received for correctness.
  • Code each invoice to include Vendor number, fund and general ledger account.
  • Create purchase order for each invoice using above information.
  • Accounting Director must verify PO detail.
  • Send PO with backup documentation to Executive Director for approval.
  • Review vendor statements and research any discrepancies.
  • File in Purchase Order file pending payment.


  • Receive invoices against approved POs.
  • Provide Accounting Director with an A/P Aged Invoice report.
  • After checks are printed make sure that all checks are signed by two authorized signers.
  • Make “yellow” copy of each signed check and attach to PO and invoice and place in Vendor Check file.
  • Take checks to mail or as otherwise instructed.
  • After Compliance Specialist has processed A/P checks, file vendor invoices in file cabinet. Make new Vendor file(s) if necessary.
  • File MAS90 reports, cash receipts


  • Provide copier machine readings to Knight Office Solutions.
  • Reconcile all Strategic, Aristotle and CMDI contributions.
  • Assisting with bank reconciliations.
  • Assist Accounting Director and Compliance Specialist in completing FEC & TEC reports in a timely manner.

* Additional Duties:

  • Maintain inventory and order accounting office supplies
  • Maintain filing system and file all documents correctly
  • Attend quarterly SREC meetings. Collect lunch monies, reconcile and deposit.
  • Reconcile and deposit CRC contributions. Maintain CRC spreadsheet.
  • Assist with yearend filing and transfer of files.
  • Assist with annual audit.
  • Become familiar with Vendors and contract agreements.
  • Become familiar with FEC & TEC compliance regulations.
  • Make sure the Accounting Office is secure at all times and locked if/when leaving office unattended.

* As Needed

  • Maintain vendor information, correct addresses, contact information, W-9 information if needed.
  • Respond to vendors and follow up on inquiries.
  • Assist employees with questions.
  • Maintain Petty Cash, make distributions and ensure receipts are received.
  • Payroll processing as required.
  • A/P Check run as required.
  • General word processing.
  • Relieve receptionist if required.
  • Attend RPT events.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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