The Republican Party of Texas applauds the Texas House for passing HB 214 which would prohibit a qualified health plan offered through a health benefit exchange from providing coverage for elective abortions.

The Republican Party platform plank #94.10 states: “Until our final goal of total constitutional rights for the unborn child is achieved, we support laws that restrict and regulate abortion including, but not limited to: Health insurance coverage for abortion services and abortifacients, which under Texas law should be considered supplemental coverage and billed to the beneficiary.”

Governor Greg Abbott placed this plank on the call for the special session, and Representative John Smithee filed HB 214 which matches the plank in its entirety. After receiving 4 joint authors and 73 coauthors, today the Texas House passed HB 214 on third reading by a record vote of 92-46.

The Republican Party of Texas thanks those Republican elected officials who voted with our platform and helped make Texas a more pro-life friendly state.