As a life long Republican, Konni’s continued concerns over the increasing size and scope of the federal government jump started her grassroots activism for conservative candidates at all levels of government. She got involved in local grassroots groups and campaigns, block walked, organized events, and donated money to advance candidates that espoused her shared belief in limited government, personal liberty and free market economics. Konni served as one of Ted Cruz’s top organizers in DFW during his historic 2012 campaign for U.S. Senate.

Still frustrated by having a far-left Democrat, Wendy Davis, representing Tarrant County in the Texas Senate however, Konni decided to run for Senate District 10 herself. She would go on to secure the Republican nomination amidst a crowded field and was then successful in winning back the district from the Democrats the following November.

While serving in the Texas legislature, Konni took on the big fights – from 2nd amendment legislation to civil asset forfeiture reform. Always an advocate for the taxpayer, she became the strongest proponent in the legislature for ending the practice of taxpayer-funded lobbying, ending corporate welfare, and advancing common sense criminal justice reform. While these fights made her unpopular amongst the ‘business-as-usual’ crowd in Austin, bringing attention to these issues now has citizens and legislators alike, continuing those fights.

Her commitment to conservative principles earned her “100% ratings” from the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the National Right to Life, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and Young Conservatives of Texas and she received the Taxpayer Champion designation from Empower Texans after both the 84th and 85th legislative sessions.

An activist at heart, Konni’s passion for limited government, individual liberties and free market principles, means a lifelong engagement in the fight to protect these values.

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