CNBC Names Texas “Top State for Business in America”

AUSTIN – CNBC has named Texas the “Top State for Business in America,” an honor it has bestowed on the Lone Star State four times in the 12 years in which the network has held the annual study.

CNBC reported impressive statistics in their assessment, including that 350,000 new jobs have been created in Texas in one year alone and that 39 companies on the S&P Index are headquartered in the state.

Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey celebrated the announcement, issuing the following statement:

“Strong Republican leadership and strong free market values have been key factors in Texas’ economic success. We work hard in Texas to fight for legislation and policies that facilitate a good climate for people to move here, create businesses, grow those businesses, create jobs, and create economic stability for Texas families. We are leading the way, and Texas Republicans will continue to support the policies that make our state the best in the nation.”