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Precinct Conventions

Precinct Conventions

To find your 2018 Precinct Convention Location, check with your county party.

The precinct convention is the first step in the political convention process.

If your county is not online please contact your county chair to find out when and where your precinct convention will be held. Your county chair can also tell you how many delegates and alternates your precinct can elect to the county/senatorial district (SD) convention.

Click the item below that you wish to view or download regarding precinct conventions:

  • Training – coming soon!
  • Materials
    • Precinct Convention Instructions (pdf)
    • Precinct Convention Script (pdf)
    • Exhibit A – Precinct Convention Minutes (pdf)
    • Exhibit A – Precinct Convention Minutes e-form (word)
    • Exhibit B – Precinct Convention Attendance and County/SD Convention Delegate/Alternate List (pdf)
    • Exhibit C – Passed Resolutions (pdf)
    • Exhibit D – Failed Resolutions (pdf)
    • Instructions to County Chair – 2018 Precinct Convention (pdf)
    • Oath of Affiliation (pdf)
    • Parliamentary-Motions-Chart (pdf)

If you plan to attend your Republican precinct convention, make sure you vote in the Republican Primary Election.

The convention is usually called to order by the precinct chair. If the precinct chair is not present, any participant may begin the meeting. There is no minimum number of people who must be present to hold a precinct convention. If you are the only person present, you can still hold the precinct convention. A precinct convention packet may be available, or you may use the forms provided on this page.

Participants at the precinct convention first elect permanent convention officers, usually a convention chair and secretary. They then elect delegates and alternates to the county/SD convention. Finally, they consider and vote on any resolutions presented by a participant.

To be valid, all completed paperwork must be submitted to the county Republican party two to three days after the precinct convention is held.

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