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More than a Day … a Lifestyle

This Sunday many Texans, Americans, and world citizens will celebrate Easter or what some now refer to as Resurrection Sunday. This is the day that Christians around the world celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, declaring His power over sin and death. As we look at Christ’s choice to remain on the cross and spend three days in the grave, being raised from the dead was a choice that highlights two choices we are called to make.

First, Jesus exuded sacrifice. He was willing to lay down his life for others who may never receive His love or forgiveness. He chose to be the sacrifice for the sins of many who would not acknowledge their sin as sin. He chose to create a pathway to God for many who may never choose to accept that pathway. We too have to be willing to sacrifice something in order to be the people we were created to be and to experience the life we desire to live. As we celebrate Easter this weekend, I challenge you to consider what are you willing to sacrifice so that you might experience the abundant life Jesus died to give. The abundant life includes more than economic success; it includes wholeness and peace. Can you sacrifice your preferences, comfort zone, or status?

Second, Jesus was a true reconciler. To reconcile means to restore a relationship with someone when it has been broken. The Christian faith teaches us that our sin separates us from God and a sacrifice for that sin is needed in order for the penalty of sin to be paid. He was that sacrifice for us. His reconciliation process included leaving the comfort and opulence of heaven to live as a human here on earth. He moved from a sin-free place in heaven to a sin-filled place in earth. He was born to a blue collar worker, joined the family business and later become a nonprofit spiritual leader who didn’t have a home. Jesus connected with people who were different than He because He knew God loved them. Whom can you connect with this week who is different from you? Jesus called us to be reconcilers — let’s be reconciled.

I hope that you are able to spend today with your family and your loved ones, that you have a blessed Easter Sunday, and that you make this more than a day, but a lifestyle.

Corey Tabor
Chaplain, Republican Party of Texas

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