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Line In The Sand

The Republican Party of Texas is calling on YOU to help us draw A LINE IN THE SAND this Special Session!

Let’s fill the House & Senate galleries with Republican activists to show support for our Party and our Platform.

Extreme far-left groups are planning to bus in paid protestors to create chaos in the chambers in an attempt to disrupt the important proceedings on the floor. But we are drawing a line in the sand to say… “Not on our watch!”

Would you be willing to pledge just one day of your time during these next 30 days to come to the Capitol with a friend and wear red to send a positive message to our legislature, and to show the news media that conservatives really do care about the issues affecting our state?

Please take the pledge today and fill out the form below to sign up for your day of action! You will receive additional information when you sign up regarding directions, parking, building maps, etc. And please… share this link on social media to help us spread the word! Together, we can make a difference for our Platform and show our Republican legislators that we have their back. Sign up today!

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