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Party Officers

The elected officers of the party are the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and the Secretary who perform their duties as assigned by the Texas Election Code[4], by RPT bylaws, and by the Rules of the Party. The appointive officials of the Party shall be the Finance Chairman, the Treasurer, the Parliamentarian, the General Counsel and the Assistant General Counsel(s), the Sergeant at Arms, and the Chaplain each of whom shall be appointed by the Chairman. The Chairman, who shall be elected as prescribed by the Texas Election Code[5], shall be the chief executive officer of the Party, representing the SREC as its official spokesman, and much more. For more information, please view the SREC Bylaws.

James Dickey

State Chairman

Alma Jackson

State Vice-Chairman

Josh Flynn


Dr. Robin Armstrong

National Committeeman

Toni Anne Dashiell

National Committeewoman

Chris Howe


Nelda Eppes

Sergeant At Arms

Larry Hicks


Wade Emmert

General Counsel

Trey Trainor

Assistant General Counsel

Art Martinez de Vara

Assistant General Counsel

Corey Tabor


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