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This election is critical to determining the future of our state and our nation. Our field team is dedicated to helping Republicans win- up and down the ballot.

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Here are updates from the field team from last week:

APRIL 17, 2018 – Last Saturday, April 14, was declared a National Day of Action by the Republican National Committee toward efforts for Victory 2018, and our field team delivered. Working in tandem with Governor Abbott’s field team, on that one day alone they knocked on 12,087 doors statewide and trained over 288 new volunteers. I’m so grateful for their long hours of preparation in order to achieve these results.

I hope you’re as proud as I am of the field team’s heroic efforts and I’m confident there will be a huge return on their investment. The volunteers that they brought in and the exposure that their work is gaining — all of that will most certainly pay off to help us accomplish even more in the months to come.

Join me in giving them a hand for everything they do to make the Republican Party of Texas a success and to ensure that we win our all-important general election victories this November! Follow them on Twitter so you can see their work:



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