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Thank you to everybody who helped make our Convention a great success!  You can view the fruits of your labor in the form of our newly adopted RulesPlatform, and Legislative Priorities by visiting their newly dedicated pages on this site.

Video archives from Convention can be viewed on our YouTube playlist.


**All information below this point can be considered archived to serve as reference material from during Convention.**




Here’s a link to the spreadsheet with our first-in results from the plank-by-plank voting. This gives the weighted voting totals by item exactly as the items were listed on the ballot.

CLICK HERE or see below for the platform language as voted on and an explanation of how we handled planks 325-334. Note that this does not yet include the final updates from the grammar & usage committee.

We look forward to posting additional information and compilations soon. If you use this initial spreadsheet to compile information in helpful ways that you’d like to share, please send to delegates@texasgop.org. Thank you!


Platform As Amended by Body – for Plank By Plank Voting:

Download Here

PLATFORM for voting

Convention can be confusing. Let us help!

This page contains links to help you get business done during convention. There is extensive information on three committees (Platform, Priorities, and Rules) since that is where most of the work happens — and we’d love for you to follow along and provide input. Each delegate and alternate has a right to observe and record all committee meetings, and to have reasonable opportunity to testify to the committee on everything they consider. Updated scheduling information will be provided as available for specific testimony times during each committee.

NOTE: The actual links to many of the items below may not be available until convention week. Stay tuned!

General Information

Delegate Informational Emails:



Platform & Resolutions:

HERE is a link to our master spreadsheet of all submitted resolutions!  In here you can find every resolution submitted by every county in their entirety, as well as reference to what subcommittee they are being referred to.

Links (some links may not be available until convention):


Links (some links may not be available until convention):


Links (some links may not be available until convention):

Documents the committee will be using as a starting point for deliberations:

SD Caucuses

Links (some links may not be available until convention):


Floor Debate

Links (some links may not be available until convention):

  • Special Convention Rules
  • Platform AS AMENDED
  • Platform AS ADOPTED – available after convention
  • Priorities AS AMENDED
  • Priorities AS ADOPTED – available after convention
  • Rules AS AMENDED
  • Rules AS ADOPTED – available after convention

Schedule (subject to change depending on action by the convention!):

Saturday, June 16
– Rules debate & adoption (will take place after votes for State Chair & Vice Chair are completed)

Following Rules Debate:

Platform debate (likely Friday afternoon or Saturday morning)
Legislative priorities debate (likely Saturday afternoon)
Plank-by-plank vote for adoption of platform & priorities (likely Saturday afternoon)


Training Resources



CLICK HERE for a full YouTube playlist – the videos will play one after another, in their relevant order.

Or, select the video that addresses your specific questions from this list:



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