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Convention Temporary Committees


This committee hears some contests on credentials, recommends the resolutions on some of those to the SREC and some to the body; recommends the temporary roll to the SREC and the permanent roll to the body. NOTE: contests on credentials MUST be mailed to the State by April 23; see RPT Rule 27 (b) (1) for specific requirements.

Chairman: Susan Wright.

Legislative Priorities

This committee conducts preliminary deliberations on legislative priorities and makes recommendations to the permanent committee on Legislative Priorities.

Chairman: Amy Clark. Amy is the RPT Vice-Chairman, chaired the first Legislative Affairs SREC committee through legislative sessions, shaped the beginning interactions between RPT and the legislature on our priorities, and has extensive experience in grassroots activism and issue advocacy within the legislature.


This committee recommends temporary convention officers to the SREC and permanent convention officers to the body. These include chair, secretary, and sergeant-at-arms. The temporary chair is specified as the State Chairman (Chairman Dickey), who appoints a parliamentarian.

Chairman: Naomi Narvaiz. Naomi is serving her third term as SREC committeewoman for SD 21 and has held many leadership positions within her community, including as a member of City of San Marcos Ethics Review Commission and SMCISD School Health Advisory Council.

Platform and Resolutions

This committee conducts preliminary deliberations on beliefs and policy items, starting with the most recent state convention platform; makes recommendations to the permanent committee on Platform & Resolutions.

Chairman: Mark Ramsey. Mark is serving his third term as SREC committeeman for SD 7 and has previously chaired the SREC Resolutions committee. He has past experience as a 3-time member of the State Convention platform committee and working in the legislature.

Expected Subcommittees: 

National Defense & Border Security


Constitutional Issues

Criminal & Civil Justice 

Health & Human Services 

State Affairs

Government & Foreign Affairs


Business, Commerce, & Transportation


This committee recommends to the SREC the Supplementary Rules (those are rules specific to this convention, including processes for debate and voting), may also recommend to the permanent committee on Rules any proposed changes to the RPT Rules (see www.texasgop.org/rules)

Chairman: Bruce Bishop. Bruce has represented his district at every Republican Party of Texas State convention for the past 30 years, serving as caucus chairman, caucus parliamentarian, and member of the Rules committee. He was elected to the SREC in 1996, and during his three terms was a member of the CRC and Officials committees.

See RPT Rule 33 for a full listing of temporary committee responsibilities.

Caucus Chair

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