AUSTIN – James Dickey, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, issued the following statement on the special session of the Texas Legislature:

“Governor Abbott announced a broad call for this special session with 10 items directly relating to the Republican Party of Texas platform, and we will continue to promote them during the entire special session. Although the RPT would have liked to see more of our Legislative Priorities included in the call, we have been proud to advocate for legislation matching these 10 items. As Republican delegates from across the state believed they were important enough to include in our platform, we believe it is our duty to promote them at every chance possible.

“With one week left, there are still plenty of opportunities to promote items relating to our platform and our legislative priorities. We at RPT will continue this important work, and we sincerely hope that both chambers of the legislature will continue to do so as well. We ask again that our elected Republicans stand with us — and with those who put them in office — and maximize this moment.”