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2020 State Convention

The 2020 Texas State Republican Convention will be held in Houston at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Monday May 11th – Saturday May 16th.


  • COMING SOON Registration Link
  • To receive your credentials you will present your confirmation email with the unique barcode, along with a Photo ID at the registration area in the exhibit hall at the convention center.  You will be given your credentials, a program, and a souvenir convention bag.
  • No paper tickets are issued; the bar code on your credentials will serve as your ticket to the event(s).


  • From 2018 convention:
  • Documents in process for 2020 convention:
    • Resolutions submitted by all 2020 county/SD conventions (check back later)
    • Platform Google Doc – (check back later for working doc to be used during committee process)
    • Rules Google Doc – (check back later for working doc to be used during committee process)
    • Priorities Google Doc – (check back later for working doc to be used during committee process)
    • Delegate allocation by Senate District & County


Check back soon for more information and registration for FREE training sessions.


Check back soon to view an updated schedule of Convention Business


COMING SOON Participating in a convention can be overwhelming at first, but if you know what to expect, you can successfully promote your resolutions for the platform, rules, or legislative priorities and champion your candidates for party leadership. Here are some helpful resources:

  • Delegate One-Pager — this one-page PDF download gives an overview of conventions
  • iDelegate Packet — this easy-to-follow handout offers in-depth information on how to be an effective delegate.
  • Convention Training Videos — these video trainings walk you through the convention process so you can feel comfortable and confident as a delegate  
    • Precinct Convention Training Video
    • County/SD Convention Training Video
    • State Convention Training Video


  • Senatorial District (SD) Caucus Twice during the convention, delegates will meet together with all the other delegates from their same State Senate district to hold a Senatorial District Caucus.The first SD caucus will be called to order by that SD’s Temporary Caucus Chair. These Chairs were appointed by Chairman Dickey upon the recommendation of one or both of that district’s SREC members. After the meeting is called to order, the delegates will elect a Permanent Caucus Chair to conduct the rest of the caucus business.
    CHECK BACK SOON to see Temporary Caucus Chairs and their contact information.
  • Temporary Committees- Each of these committees includes 32 people: a chairman appointed by State Chairman James Dickey, and one member from each of the 31 Senatorial Districts (SDs) appointed by Chairman Dickey upon the recommendation of one or both of that district’s SREC members.
    CHECK BACK SOON to see Temporary Convention Committee membership and their contact information, along with full committee descriptions and information on the committee chairs. All delegates and alternates have a right to watch these committee meetings, testify, and record. We encourage you to give your input to the committee members both before the meetings and during so they know how best to represent you, the grassroots.          
    • Monday, May 11
      • 11am Rules, Platform & Resolutions, Legislative Priorities
    • Tuesday, May 12
      • 8am Rules, Platform & Resolutions, Legislative Priorities
    • Wednesday, May 13
      • 8am Rules, Platform & Resolutions, Legislative Priorities
      • 11am Credentials, Organization
  • Permanent Committees: After the convention comes to order, the delegates are able to elect committee members to the permanent committees. Each of these committees includes 32 people: a chairman and one member from each of the 31 Senatorial Districts (SDs). The committee chairman is appointed by the Permanent Convention. The responsibilities of each Permanent Committee are listed in RPT Rule 34:
    • Credentials:  This committee shall continue to add registered delegates and alternates to the permanent roll throughout the convention.
    • Rules and Order of Business:  This committee shall recommend to the Convention the Supplementary Rules of the Convention, any amendments to these General Rules, and the Order of Business.
    • Legislative Priorities:  This committee shall recommend to the Convention proposed legislative priorities and related resolutions.
    • Platform and Resolutions:  This committee shall recommend to the Convention the platform and resolutions.
    • State Nominations:  This committee shall report to the Convention nominations for the state positions to be filled by the Convention. [Note: This committee votes on nominees for State Chair and Vice Chair, and members are bound to vote for their SD’s selection on the first round of voting. See Rule 41 for specifics. This committee also reports on each SD’s selection for SREC member.]
  • Committee Appointments
    • COMING SOON 2020 Temp Committee Appointments
      • NOTE: Permanent Committee Members are elected by delegates in their respective SD or CE Caucuses.


Note: Tickets are available for purchase.

Grassroots Club Breakfast  

Friday, May 15th @ 7am

This breakfast on Friday is hosted only for our Grassroots Club Members.​ It’s our way of saying thank you for your dedication to keeping our lights on and our staff working hard for our Party’s success.

Join the Grassroots Club before Convention (click here)

RPT Gala Banquet  

Friday, May 15th @ 7pm

The Republican Party of Texas Gala is the premier event of our State Convention. This year’s elegant gala will be held in the Stars at Night Ballroom in the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center — one of the largest, newest, and most stylish settings in the country. We are going to announce our speakers soon, and I know you will want to be there!

Consistently attracting some of the country’s foremost conservative thought leaders, legislators, and entertainers, the Republican Party of Texas Gala never disappoints as the marquee event of the State Convention. It is the largest Republican Gala in the United States!



Faith & Fellowship Gathering  

Saturday, May 16th @ 7am

Join us the Saturday morning of Convention for faith and fellowship at the Republican Party of Texas’ State Convention Worship service.



Congressional Luncheon

Saturday, May 16th @ 12pm

The State of Texas’ Congressional Delegation is the most influential in the nation. Our conservative principles have the power to influence national policy like no other state. This is your opportunity to engage in a dialogue with our Congressional delegation about national policy, their initiatives, and legislation impacting our state and nation.




  • Information to follow.


  • For media inquiries or press credentials, CLICK HERE.


  • Information to follow.



  • Exhibit Booth and Sponsorship Information:  
    • If you would like to reserve an exhibitor booth, CLICK HERE. If you have any questions about your booth reservation, please contact Jennifer Christman at rpt@ventureall.com.
    • **Please note that reservation of a booth does not automatically guarantee the approval of your application. All applications are subject to review by the Officials Committee.
    • The sponsorship packages are available here. If you have any questions, or would like more information about sponsorships, please contact Marissa Weisenburger at marissa@texasgop.org.
    • Acceptance or denial will be based on availability, completion of packet, adherence to policy, RPT By-laws, and RPT Rules or principles. Offensive, sexually oriented, racially biased, or lewd material is not permitted. In addition, no protesting or demonstrating will be allowed in the exhibit area. See our full exhibit booth policy HERE.


  • Program Advertisements:
    • The 2020 State Convention Program is a great advertising opportunity for you or your business. Our convention is the largest political gathering in the free world, and over 10,000 conservative Texans expected to attend — and all of them will be carrying the Convention Program. If you would like to purchase an advertisement in the Convention Program, please contact Marissa Weisenburger at marissa@texasgop.org. All ads are subject to approval by the Officials Committee of the Republican Party of Texas.


You may submit your questions about convention below.

If you or any of the delegates you have been in contact with have additional questions of any kind, you can submit them below or call the party at (512) 477-9821.

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