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2018 Primary Candidate Filings

Applications received by RPT will be posted by noon the following business day.  The names listed below have been compiled from applications received by the Republican Party of Texas. The inclusion of a name on this list does not indicate acceptance of their application. For a complete list of candidates whose names have been accepted to appear on the ballot, please visit the Secretary of State’s website at: https://webservices.sos.state.tx.us/candidate-filing/cf-report.aspx
Date Received
Office Sought
Place/Dist. #
11-11-17State Representative71Stan Lambert
11-11-175th Court of Appeals13Elizabeth Lang Miers
11-11-17U.S. Representative 11Mike Conaway
11-11-17U.S. Representative 22Pete Olson
11-11-17U.S. Representative 8Kevin Brady
11-11-175th Court of Appeals10Molly Francis
11-11-17State Representative25Dennis Bonnen
11-11-175th Court of Appeals5Craig Stoddart
11-11-175th Court of AppealsChief JusticeDouglas S. Lang
11-11-17Lieutenant GovernorDan Patrick
11-11-171st Court of Appeals7Katy Boatman
11-11-17State Senator31Victor Leal
11-11-17U.S. SenatorGeraldine Sam
11-11-171st Court of Appeals2Jane Bland
11-11-17U.S. Representative 21Jason Isaac
11-11-17State Representative9Chris Paddie
11-11-17U.S. Representative 10Michael T. McCaul
11-11-17State Representative33Justin Holland
11-11-171st Court of Appeals6Harvey Brown
11-11-17U.S. Representative 27Blake Farenthold
11-11-17State Representative85Phil Stephenson
11-11-17State Representative57Trent Ashby
11-11-17State Senator30Craig Estes
11-11-1714th Court of Appeals5Martha Hill Jamison
11-11-17State Representative17John P. Cryier
11-11-17U.S. Representative 17Bill Flores
11-11-17State Senator31Kel Seliger
11-11-17U.S. Representative 34Rey Gonzalez
11-11-17U.S. Representative 26Michael C. Burgess
11-11-17U.S. Representative21Eric Burkhart
11-11-1713th Court of Appeals4Jaime Tijerina
11-11-1713th Court of AppealsChief JusticeErnie Aliseda
11-11-1714th Court of Appeals8John Donovan
11-11-17U.S. Representative 21Susan Narvaiz
11-11-17State Representative61Phil King
11-11-17State Senator3Robert Nichols
11-11-17State Senator17Joan Huffman
11-11-17State Representative128Terry Sain
11-11-17Railroad CommissionerChristi Craddick
11-11-17U.S. Representative 5Kenneth Sheets
11-11-1714th Court of Appeals6Bill Boyce
11-11-17GovernorGreg Abbott
11-13-17U.S. Representative 24Kenny E Marchant
11-13-17State Senator25Donna Campbell
11-13-17State Representative21Dade Phelan
11-13-17State Senator5Charles Schwertner
11-13-17Land CommissionerGeorge P. Bush
11-13-1714th Court of Appeals4Marc Brown
11-13-173rd Court of Appeals5David Puryear
11-13-17State Representative25Damon Rambo
11-13-17State Representative54Scott Cosper
11-13-17State Representative55CJ Grisham
11-13-171st Court of Appeals9Jennifer Caughey
11-13-17State Representative1Gary VanDeaver
11-13-17State Representative65Kevin Simmons
11-13-17U.S. Representative31John Carter
11-13-17U.S. Representative12Kay Granger
11-14-17Comptroller Glenn Hegar
11-14-17District Judge286Pat Phelan
11-14-17District Judge1-ADelinda Gibbs-Walker
11-14-1712th Court of Appeals3Greg Neeley
11-14-17District Judge369Michael Davis
11-14-17District Judge39Shane Hadaway
11-14-176th Court of Appeals2Scott Stevens
11-14-17District Judge83Robert E. Cadena
11-14-17District Judge109John L. Pool
11-14-17State Representative83Dustin Burrows
11-14-17District Judge87Deborah Oakes Evans
11-14-17State Senator8Angela Paxton
11-14-17State Representative82Tom Craddick
11-14-17District Judge253Chap Cain
11-14-1711th Court of AppealsChief JusticeJohn Bailey
11-14-17District Judge249Wayne Bridewell
11-14-17State Representative5Cole Hefner
11-14-173rd Court of Appeals3Scott Field
11-14-17State Representative2Dan Flynn
11-14-174th Court of Appeals4Patrick Ballantyne
11-14-17Texas Supreme Court6Jeff Brown
11-14-17State Senator30Pat Fallon
11-14-17U.S. Representative36Brian Babin
11-14-17U.S. Representative14Randy Weber
11-15-17State Representative72Drew Darby
11-15-177th Court of Appeals2Judy Parker
11-15-17State Representative23Wayne Faircloth
11-15-17State Senator17Kristin Tassin
11-15-17State Senator9Kelly Hancock
11-15-17District Judge106W. Calloway Huffaker
11-15-17U.S. Representative 4John Cooper
11-15-17State Representative62Kevin Couch
11-15-17District Judge198Rex Emerson
11-15-17District Judge110William P. Smith
11-15-179th Court of Appeals3Leanne Johnson
11-15-17State Representative69James Frank
11-15-17District Judge273James A. (Jim) Payne, Jr.
11-15-17State Representative62Brent Lawson
11-15-17District Judge82Bryan F. "Rusty" Russ, Jr.
11-15-17State Representative11Travis Clardy
11-15-17State Board of Education11Patricia "Pat" Hardy
11-15-17State Representative88Ken King
11-15-17State Representative12Kyle Kacal
11-15-17State Representative43J.M. Lozano
11-15-175th Court of Appeals12Jim Pikl
11-15-17State Representative7Jay Dean
11-15-17Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller
11-15-17State Representative58DeWayne Burns
11-15-17State Representative81Brooks Landgraf
11-16-17State Board of Education7Matt Robinson
11-16-17District Judge251Ana Elizabeth Estevez
11-16-17District Judge106Reed Filley
11-16-17GovernorSECEDE Kilgore
11-16-17State Representative87Four Price
11-16-17U.S. Representative13Mac Thornberry
11-16-17District Judge64Troy Bollinger
11-16-17District Judge118Timothy D. Yeats
11-16-17State Representative4Stuart Spitzer
11-16-17State Representative60Mike Lang
11-16-17State Representative54Brad Buckley
11-16-17U.S. Representative1Roshin Rowjee
11-16-17U.S. Representative4John Ratcliffe
11-16-17U.S. Representative31Mike Sweeney
11-16-17U.S. Representative 21Matt McCall
11-16-17U.S. Representative15Tim Westley
11-17-172nd Court of AppealsChief JusticeBonnie Sudderth
11-17-17District Judge220Shaun Carpenter
11-17-17District Judge242Lowell Kregg Hukill
11-17-17District Judge276Robert Rolston
11-17-17District Judge36Starr Bauer
11-17-17U.S. Representative5Earl Brunner
11-17-173rd Court of Appeals2Cindy Olson Bourland
11-17-17State Senator25Shannon K. McClendon
11-17-172nd Court of Appeals6Mark Pittman
11-17-17U.S. Representative19Jodey Arrington
11-17-17State Senator2Cindy Burkett
11-17-17State Representative44John Kuempel
11-17-17State Representative19James White
11-20-174th Court of Appeals3Jason Pulliam
11-20-174th Court of Apeals2Marialyn Barnard
11-20-17State Board of Education11Feyi Obamehinti
11-20-17State Representative23Mayes Middleton
11-20-17Land CommissionerRick Range
11-20-17District Judge1-ADennis "Dan" Horn
11-20-179th Court of Appeals4Hollis Horton
11-20-17District Judge218Russell Wilson
11-20-17U.S. Representative14Bill "Sarge" Sargent
11-20-17District Judge271Brock R. Smith
11-20-17District Judge155Jeff R. Steinhauser
11-20-17State Senator31Mike Canon
11-20-17District Judge105Jack W. Pulcher
11-20-17State Representative45Austin Talley
11-21-17U.S. SenatorMary Miller
11-21-17State Representative9Garrett Boersma
11-21-17State Representative2Bryan Slaton
11-21-17District Judge207Jack Robison
11-21-1710th Court of AppealsChief JusticeTom Gray
11-21-17District Judge181John B. Board
11-21-17District Judge47Dan L. Schaap
11-21-17District Judge424Evan Clay Stubbs
11-21-17State Board of Education13A. Denise Russell

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