JOINT RELEASE: Republican Party of Texas Senior Director to become Texas Republican County Chairmen’s Association Full-Time Executive Director

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, August 22, 2016   Contact   TRCCA Jack Barcroft, Vice President 254-216-9017   Republican Party of Texas Michael Joyce, Communications Director 512-477-9821   Austin, TX – TRCCA ( is excited to announce that Cassie Daniel will come on board as the full-time Executive Director for the Texas Republican County

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Chairman Tom Mechler Statement on the Fifth Circuit Ruling on Voter ID

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, July 20, 2016 Cleveland, OH- “The integrity of the ballot box in Texas has been compromised by the Fifth Circuit’s ruling on Voter ID today. The Republican Party of Texas will not stop fighting to prevent the consistent voter fraud which occurs within the Texas Democratic Party.” ###

Chairman Mechler Statement On the HB2 Supreme Court Ruling

Austin-“With the Supreme Court striking down House Bill 2 this morning, women’s healthcare in the state of Texas was dealt a significant blow. Allowing substandard clinics to remain intact means the Supreme Court chose quantity over quality when it comes to the services provided to Texas women, which is completely unacceptable. The Republican Party of

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Op-Ed: The 5th Circuit Court must uphold Voter ID

I strongly encourage all Justices of the United States Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit to uphold SB 14, better known as Texas’ Voter ID law. Voter ID is critical to maintaining the integrity of the ballot box and ensuring fair and honest elections. Despite the outlandish accusations by liberals, there is absolutely nothing

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Land Commissioner George P. Bush Named 2016 Victory Chairman

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, May 31, 2016   Austin- The Republican Party of Texas is thrilled to announce that Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush will be serving as the 2016 Victory Chairman for the state of Texas. As Chair, Commissioner Bush is committed to leading the Republican team into the election this fall and

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Op-Ed: In Defense of Liberty

The Republican Party of Texas is the most dominant state Party in the country, and our Party is larger, more diverse, and more conservative than ever before. Now that our 2016 RPT State Convention has concluded, we are more focused than ever on annihilating Hillary Clinton and her liberal Democrat allies. When Republicans work together,

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